Break Free – 6 Weeks Program


Change your mindset and let go of limiting beliefs. Unlock a happier, less stressed, and more balanced life

Find out what has been holding you back and reframe your mindset. In this 6-week program we will uncover limiting beliefs and set you free.

By releasing the internal roadblocks that are holding you back you will start realizing your potential and unlock the life you are meant to lead. Discover your own power and joy of living.

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This 6-week program includes

  • 2 two-hour RTT sessions over Zoom
  • 2 personalized transformational recordings
  • 1 coaching session (60 min) over Zoom
  • 2 iRest meditation recordings
  • E-mail support
  • Option to add yoga and breathing exercises to your schedule for your well-being*

*Priced separately